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Adapte-se offers training in intercultural sensibility, a skill that allows citizens to get along with each other more easily.

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About Adapte-se

Adapte-se offers online and face-to-face courses for Brazilians or people of any nationality living in Switzerland. Intercultural communication training teaches how to deal with diversity at work and develops cross-cultural sensitivity. The ability in "cultural sensitivity" can be trained and developed allowing citizens to be able to coexist in an easier way with the different ones. It is key to our world today, where people travel, live and work abroad, and the number of bi national marriages grow. Intercultural training is precisely the learning of this capacity.


Liliana Tinoco Bäckert

Liliana Tinoco Bäckert

"My passion is to understand people and their cultures."

  • Master Degree in Intercultural Communications - University of Lugano
  • Post-graduation in Marketing – ESPM
  • Certified Cross-Cultural Competence Trainer – Richard Lewis Communications
  • CAS Transcultural Communications – IKF Luzern
  • Journalist maintaining a column about Integration and Adaptation in Switzerland – – Portas Abertas

Owning a Master Degree from the University of Lugano, Liliana Tinoco Bäckert has experience working as Public Relations Manager in Brazil and international businesses in Switzerland. With her background in journalism, Liliana Bäckert writes a column about Brazilian adaptation and integration in Switzerland for The column, called Switzerland with Opened Doors (in Portuguese Suíça de Portas Abertas) is a result of her Master thesis, which focused on cultural barriers faced by Brazilian women in the German part of Switzerland.

Liliana is an independent intercultural trainer running her company AdaptE-SE.

Her passion is understanding people and cultures.

Living in Switzerland since 2005, Liliana is a Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro who has been gone through her own cultural shock. The intercultural field means for her more than a profession; it is a vocational and a meaningful activity. She wants to help Brazilian and Portuguese families, expats, as well as Swiss and other nationalities who are travelling to Brazil, Portugal or Latin America.



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